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Antiques & Accents with the Style of Fairhope

Find antiques and special items that represent and define the traditional Southern style of Fairhope

When you walk or drive around Fairhope's downtown and its surroundings you find yourself immersed in a unique style that is truly Southern with a twist of modern artistic and design approaches.

In our store you'll discover antiques and those special items that represent and help define the already classic and modern Fairhope's style and charm.

A Blend of Antique Styles

Explore from old European antiques to more modern but classical items and furniture

Fairhope is a blend of classical, traditional Old South and a community of artists that have helped shape a unique and distinctive Fairhope style, and ambiance.

We invite you to explore our store and antiques to find what will be your way to shape Fairhope or to bring a piece of its style to your home anywhere in the world.

Antique Furniture

Find that armoir, chest, night-stand or drawer that will give the character you want to your home

Explore our store and find from dinning tables, chairs, sofas, arm chairs, dressers, drawers, chest, armoirs and more. Surprise yourself by either finding exactly what you had in mind or a completely surprising Southern style piece of furniture.

Our furniture not only has the Southern and Fairhope style, they are eclectic, varied and fulfill a broad range from rustic to European classic, always with character, charm and quality.

Southern Accents & Art

Find those Southern Accents pieces & Art that Fairhope culture and ambiance captures so well

We always have a large variety of distinct southern accent and antiques that give your home or business spaces that unique Southern flair.

Vintage art as well as those made by current artists are items we proudly offer. The artistic tradition of Fairhope is carried in our store... we invite you to see what you may find!

Take your time, explore our many items until you find what matches what you want...

Antique Collectibles & Unique Items

Explore our store to discover those pieces that are unique and hard to find!

Collectible antiques and unique items are rare, special, and they can be almost anything! Your taste and imagination is what make them special for you, and for anyone that will see them at your home or office.

Come to our store, take your time, look around and discover that truly special antique that for you has a special aesthetics and meaning.

Beach & Cottage

The Southern coast and Fairhope soul is in part Beach & Cottages

The beach, water, boating, fishing, the Gulf of Mexico, Mobile Bay, all are part of the soul of the South. Many of the things and items from that tradition are found in our store.

Add to your home or cottage that unique cottage and beach spirit. Antiques that makes you remember and evoke the relaxing and free feeling of a cottage in a sense transforms a space, and you can find them in our store.