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Antique Chandeliers & Lamps

We offer from authentic classic chandeliers to lamps of all styles

Add that very special component to your home that is a chandelier, which besides being beautiful and imposing they make a decoration statement almost by their own. Different chandelier designs, sizes and materials fit in different spaces from traditionally Southern to even modern newly design houses. Every chandelier has the potential to create or accentuate a place in a different way. Visit us and discover that chandelier that will fit what you had in mind or can make you change a space in ways you didn't imagine before.

From traditional lamps to bronze rustic lams to upcycled lamps made from incredible materials and creative designs, we love carrying all styles. You will be surprised by the variety of lamps!

Chandeliers & Lams Repair

We offer chandeliers and lamp repair services, as well as replacement of parts for additional safety

Old chandeliers and lamps may not work or may need service to make them safer. Time can damage or weaken electrical components, so plugs, cables, switches, sockets, bulbs need to work properly to make a lamp or chandelier safe to use. We can review your lamp to make it fully functional and safe.

Often shades are damaged or lost, or there may be a better match for the look you want. We can advice you on multiple options in materials, shapes and colors to find the right shade for your lamp.