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Antique Furniture

Southern style vintage Dressers, Armoirs, Nightstands, Buffets, Dining Tables and Chairs, Decorations, Accents and much more

Our furniture is always well inspected for quality and can be old authentic classics, refinished, upcyled, shabby-chic among which special opportunities abound.

Furniture not only can be pleasant to use and functional, they give character to homes, they truly act as pieces of art or design that you use while manifesting who you are and what you like. Fairhope already has a Southern style that is characteristic as well as varied. Come and explore how this style influences the furniture at our store

Rooms Decorations

From a bronze statue to a large floor jar to small items to place on your nightstand, decorations give the detailed design and character to any room.

We are always amazed as the variety and amount of antique decorations that exist for any room! Some are simple vintage classics and other highly elaborated original accessories. All of these antique decorations are full of design, character, often considered pieces of art.

Exploring our aisles from booth to booth you will be surprised by the antiques you find, some will trigger memories form childhood while otters will surprise because you never imagined they exist. One of our deepest satisfactions is to see our clients in this process of discovery, right in downtown Fairhope, and this is one of the reason we love having an antique store!